Preconstruction Site Analysis

Helping You Save the Trees at Your Site

Construction tends to take a major toll on the soil, trees, and plants at the work site. As a result, it is common for trees to die soon after a construction project is completed. If you would like to take measures to avoid the unnecessary loss of trees at your site, Golden Rule Tree Service can help!

Our Nashville tree services company can provide your construction crew with the necessary guidance through our preconstruction site analysis services. We not only assist with preventative measures, but we also help revive trees that have already been damaged due to construction.

Here are a few common ways that construction can cause tree death:

  • Compaction of the soil surrounding the tree, resulting in lower water percolation and insufficient delivery of oxygen to the roots
  • Changes in the soil grade, causing roots to be buried too far underground, removed from feeder roots, etc.
  • Digging and trenching, resulting in severed roots
  • Spills or disposal of construction materials, causing the tree roots to be poisoned
  • Removal of too many surrounding trees at all at once, causing a lack of support for remaining trees and their exposure to new conditions

If you would like to use our preconstruction analysis services for your next project, call us at (615) 385-9391!

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